Excess Gum Tissue- Gingival Smile


When your gum tissue covers more than 3 mm of your teeth it is referred to a gingival smile and can be treated in several ways.

One way is a gingival surgery (“a gum tissue lifting”) which is a cosmetic dental procedure that sculpts the gingival smile line. The method includes changing the shape of the gingival tissue and sometimes as well the underlying bones to achieve a more symmetrical teeth.

However, this procedure is only done in the case of “short teeth”, partially hidden inside of the bone and with a gingival thickness. In patients with normal tooth height but they show “to much of their teeth” a reconstruction of their lips can be done to achieve a greater coverage of the gingiva while smiling by a Z- plasty otis elevator. This method  is indicated in those cases where there is a too short lip.

However, the best option for patients with normal teeth and lips level but still with a gingival smile is a maxillary surgery as the problem to the gingival smile is a to much developed jaw and a decrease in the height of the jaw will give a very satisfactory result.