Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentist procedure that enables your teeth to increase its level of whiteness.

There are several of substances that are the underlying cause for staining teeth. The most common ones are the tobacco smoking, coffee, tea and red wine. But there may also be the case of following, a tetracycline staining from childhood, a dental fluorosis which is a mottling of the teeth enamel and as we get older normally our teeth starts to get darker from our 50s.

Tooth whitening provides a clean and youthful appearance to the teeth. But it is recommended have a dental caries cleaning of the teeth before the tooth whitening to improve the result and it should be done one week before.

The tooth whitening takes apx. about 30-60 minutes and it is done by a special LED cold light teeth whitening system and the use of hydrogen peroxide 35%.  It also includes a custom made tooth whitening trays so the treatment can continue at home for a certain length of time .

The home treatment consists of carbamide peroxide gel that should be applicated on the teeth for 1 hour during 7 days, although depending on the patient expectations this  treatment may be shortened or extended as it is a safe procedure, although some patients can feel that their teeth gets more sensitive after the use of this bleaching product. When that happens it is recommended not to chew on any products that are very hard such as nuts etc.