Protruding Ears Surgery

Protruding ears have caused many conflicts and psychological trauma for many in their childhood. It is well known that the childhood can be tough enough as it is than to have to support to be criticized or even worse to be bulled at for a fiscal defect such as protruding ears. This kind of bulling often leave bad memories and low self-esteem that one have to struggle with even as an adult.

But it does exist a solution… for both children and adults! The surgery is called Otoplasty and also Pinnaplasty for protruding ears problem and it is a very simple surgery, which can be practiced with local anesthesia. It is done by an incision just behind the ear in the natural fold where the ear meets the head. Cartilage and skin are then removed from the ear to achieve the desired effect.

The patient can go straight back to his and her normal life after the operation, however no sport or exercise is recommended than at least 15-20 days after the intervention.