Hair Treatment

Baldness Treatment

Both women and man may have problems with hair loss.

The causes may be different such as, nutritional deficiencies, trauma, the using of braids, burned hair and congenital problems. However, 95 % of the most common cause is androgenetic alopecia.

This tends to affect men more than women and is due to hormonal changes along with a genetic predisposition.

The androgenetic alopecia is due in most cases to a hormonal imbalance that is linked to a genetic predisposition.

Medical Treatment of Alopecia

An increase in the hormone testosterone causes changes in the hair follicles that end up producing their loss. There is a molecule called Finasteride, which is able to decrease the amount of testosterone by blocking the enzyme 5 -alpha- reductase. This enzyme converts testosterone dihydrotestosterone .

A daily dose of 1 mg is sufficient to stabilize hair loss, decrease the amount of lost hair, thicken hair and vitality remains, and in some cases, getting lost some hair regrowth.

On the other hand, hair loss is also associated with a decrease of  (capillaries , arterioles and venules ) blood vessels that surrounds your hair,  which job is to give energy and nurture the hair. As the time goes by we produce less of these blood vessels, but it may be replaced by fibrosis , ie scar tissus .

Or using a vasodilator drug called Minoxidil which has been on the market for two decades now and it increases the arterioles and ensures its proper function. This application is topical, and you put in on the area desired twice per day, accompanied by a massage to increase the circulation of the treatment area.

There are many more products on the market but as Finasteride and Minoxidil are the only products that have been proven effective as Medical Treatment for boldness they are the only ones recommended by Dr. San Miguel.