Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is performed to correct a malocclusion which is a misalignment of jaws and teeth. When the superior and inferior teeth don’t interlock in a proper way.

Furthermore, malocclusion happens due to a lack of harmony in the development and size of the bones and it cause anomalies in the contour of the face. Fortunately an orthognathic surgery intervention corrects this dentofacial deformity.

This prestige surgery is known as one of the most predictable one as all orthognathic surgeries are meticulously planned through the use of skeletal analyses, sketches, plaster models and extensive computer imaging. One can literally say that this surgery begins on the drawing board.
Orthognathic surgery is not a new technique or area of maxillofacial surgery. The conceptualization and early practice of this form of surgery have been around for many decades and the most recent technology has been practiced for nearly thirty years.

But in the early days it was more recognized as an occasional surgery for specific severe deformities but now days it is as common to perform a less severe adolescent orthodontic treatment as well as an adult one as the result gives the same gratification for any kind of patient.