Does Beauty Ideals Exist?

During many centuries, mankind have tried to represent the ideal profile of beauty in the work of art such in the paintings, drawings and sculptures. Even though beauty´s concept was related to the world of art, different researchers were interested in measuring what people considered as the most attractive, compared with average population. But does ideal proportions really exist? Or with different words, are there any non-ideal proportions that are no longer beautiful just because of that?

More than 40 years of uncovered scientific publications, seem to point at there is a beauty pattern considered attractive for most people where race and ethnicity does not matter at all. There can be different types of attractive profiles, but they will always be framed between a range of proportion of what mankind considered as normal for beauty.

The cosmetic facial surgeon is obliged to be aware and familiar with these beauty proportions so he can adjust surgical results to them and give better and broad advice based on these scientific and artistic qualities to his patients.