Chin Augmentation

An underdeveloped chin may give the face less “character.” To have a chin well developed gives a more harmonic profile for both men and women.  When sometimes men has got a less prominent chin it gives the appearance of submission and less manful.

The underdevelopment of a chin may be due to a various reasons (ie a very pronounced chin forward), a vertical defect (ie a very pronounced chin down) or both. In the twentieth century several types of prostheses (with artificial materials or with the patients own tissue) were developed for chin augmentation with permanent results.

However, as it has shown that the results are not predictable and always successful as the prostheses will not always stay permanent in the desired area and due to the risk of an infection and rejection of the jaw bone Converse developed in 1952 a new method called the sliding genioplasty .

A reconstructive surgery that requires an extremely thorough planning to determine how many millimetres one would wish to change. This is done by X-rays and photographs of the patient profile and a very close collaboration with the patient to achieve the patients need and desire based on aesthetic standards.

Furthermore, as this is an intraoral surgery, it leaves no visible scar.  Dr. San Miguel is an European specialist of this type of surgery and are therefore not only qualified to personalize this surgery for you but his drive for an excellent surgical result and high patient satisfaction will leave you in the best surgical hands!