Lip lift

As we get older it seem like our lips is loosing volume but that is not the case.

In fact it is due to when the time goes by the upper lip gradually becomes longer as it decrease in skin elasticity and the lips slight tend to curve inwards in to the oral cavity and that is way it looks like the lips has lost volume.

That is way it is sometimes a common mistake to use fillers to add volume to lips as it does not correct the problem by using that technique and it is often lead to an unnatural result and in some severe cases to much filling hides the teeth when smiling and talking.

In 1971 the Endonasal Lip Lift was presented by Cardoso and Sperli which technique consists of a skin excision at the nasolabial junction and an elevation of the upper lip.

This method has been developed over the years to give the patient the ultimate result and it is proven to give splendid results.

Dr. San Miguel is specialized in various Lip Lift techniques including this one and offers therefore his patients a wide range of possibilities for perfect lips result.