Mandibular Angle Surgery

Some people suffer from having a too wide jaw or too narrow, or just an asymmetry between the two sides.

The mandibular angle (jaw) is what we show from the front of the face of the lower third part and are traditionally associated with some classic features of mankind such as a wide angular jaw give the man a more dominant and masculine look where as women benefit much more of a less defined jaw which gives them a more feminine and pleasing appearance.

For those who wish to increase of the mandibular angle it exist a relatively new procedure , which can shape the area by using Calcium Hydroxyapatite mixed with fibrin gel. This method achieves to maximum the mandibular angle.

On the other hand, to minimize the mandibular angle can be achieved in several ways, as the reason for having a big angel jaw can be many such as a muscular one (masticatory muscles are too developed), the jaw bone are too developed or it can be a case of etiology muscular problem. If the problem is the last one botox (botulinum toxin) are often use to solve it with great results.

Sometimes it requires a surgery to solve the problem and a removal of some small pieces of the jaw bone is done. This surgery may be performed in conjunction with other surgeries like chin and rhinoplasty at the same to achieve a highly satisfactory