Sagging Face Lift

Chin Liposuction Surgery

Some people have too much fat in the area of the chin despite the fact that they are not over weighted and this localized fat accumulation is impossible to remove with exercise. In addition to this, the more the time goes by the more saggy it will get.

The only method to get rid of this fat is by a localized liposuction. And it is achieved by a chin liposuction cannula. The surgical incision is less than 3 mm and it is done under the chin. It is a simple surgery that can be performed under local anesthesia.

Moreover, if the patient wishes to do an augmentation at the same time it can be easily done as Dr San Miguel uses Dr.Colemans advanced and famous fat transfer technique called –Lipostrucutre. This famous technique is based on using the same fat to give volume to other part of the face. Very often it is used to increase lips, nasolabial furrows, wrinkles and dark circles etc.