Treatment of Facial Lines and Furrows

As we get older even our skin ages and it gets more thin and looses its elastic qualities and so it becomes less able to stretch, rebound and contour itself especially over facial undulations and around facial movements. And that’s way lines increase in number and depth, furrows develop and wrinkles appear.

These wrinkles will become deeper with time and are known as mimetic lines.
But relentless gravitational forces also have a long-term effect, dragging down the soft tissues and causing furrows around certain points where tissues are tethered deeply.

Furrows are often seen at the junction between the eyelids and the cheek and then also between the cheek and the nose, mouth and chin and due to the that fact that our facial muscles actually work hard to maintain these tissues in their original position this in itself actually increases the tone of muscle and makes these furrows becomes bigger and stronger and unfortunately worsens the mimetic lines as well.

It exist a huge number of different treatments on the market to reduce and diminish facial wrinkles. However due to a lot of them are not yet scientific proven to be reliable or efficient, Dr.San Miguel exclusively work with those who are.

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